A radical new approach to the design & implementation of mechanical transmissions with an innovative epicyclic gearset arrangement

d-Drive™ – infinitely variable transmission with clear differentiation & unique value proposition

  • no clutch requirement

  • powered neutral capability

  • optimum engine efficiency at all times for improved fuel economy & reduced emissions

  • high torque capacity

Now also with ‘torque boost’ functionality for independent variability of speed & torque delivery for any given input speed from the power source

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We are an emerging technology company, founded in 2010 and based in Australia, now in the process of commercialising our proprietary transmission technology.

Our patented technology is unique; it centres on a radical new approach to the design and implementation of mechanical transmissions for commercial applications. We call this approach, along with our transmission devices, d-Drive™ – because drive is transmitted direct from power source to output without any clutch.
With d-Drive™ the power source remains fully engaged at all times – from forward, through stationary, into reverse, and back again. This is possible because of d-Drive’s™ innovative epicyclic gearset arrangement.  This arrangement eliminates the need for a clutch; it also eliminates the need for multiple gearsets.

Using just tooth gears, with no belt or toroid, d-Drive™ can deliver power from stationary (‘powered neutral’) to meet the highest torque requirements.
You can see the working d-Drive™ concept in the CAD animation below.  Scroll down to see d-Drive™ running as a commercial prototype in our test vehicle.

Go to the ‘Technology’page for an explanation of how it works and why it is commercially significant and to the ‘Showcase’ page for a general image gallery and to see other video clips.

Please browse the website to find out more about this groundbreaking mechanical technology and about us generally.  We would be happy to hear from you with any commercial enquiry – please go to the ‘Contact’ page if you would like to get in touch with us.

Video of our first test drive

Incline Test - 30/03/16

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