Commercial Opportunity

d-Drive™ has potential across a wide range of commercial applications in various market sectors.  Potential markets we have identified include the ones below.

  • Automotive
    – cars – including electric & hybrid vehicles
    – heavy and specialist vehicles – eg mining & airport towing vehicles
    – motorcycles
  • Marine turbines
  • Rail locomotives
  • Aerospace & defence
  • Industrial conveyors
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Clean technology infrastructure – eg wind turbines
  • Robotics

1318985347All of these markets require transmissions that would benefit from variable speed capability; they are also essentially global in nature.  In many of them the prospect of high torque at low rotational speed that d-Drive™ offers has considerable commercial significance, and in some the delivery of a constant output from a variable input has commercial appeal.

d-Drive™ could also be applied, in some of these applications, to a regenerative braking/battery charging function – as with other infinitely variable transmission devices.

Automotive Application


In the automotive application now under development we envisage commercial benefits as outlined below.

  • Mechanical performance – optimum torque at low rotational speed
  • Mechanical efficiency – elimination of clutch & gearbox leading to lower cost of production
  • Mechanical simplicity – durability in operation with low maintenance requirements
  • Fuel efficiency – scope for engine downsizing & reduced carbon footprint
  • Favourable cost profile –  both in production & for maintenance

Commercialisation Strategy

Our objective is to work with licence partners to apply our transmission technology platform for use in their own particular markets.

We see the advantages of this approach as:

  • Access to markets through established market participants with specialist technical knowhow and commercial knowledge as well as existing market presence; and
  • Funding of market-specific product development by corporate partners with the necessary balance sheet capacity.

In this way we foresee a business model based on development and management of our own technology with revenue from both licensing and consulting activities.

We have held preliminary third party discussions and are reactivating contact with others who approached us following Steve Durnin’s appearance on the ABC ‘New Inventors’ programme.

DSC_9313 gears-n bitsDSC_9297  Test bench model of infinitely variable transmissionDSC_9358 Our transmission is going to sit behind this engine